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Review: Med Fest at ChaoBella

When I think Mediterranean food, images of hummus, pita, baba ganoush, olives, stuffed vines come to mind. However, to my American friend, the cuisine evokes memories of Greece and Italy, leaning more towards the western side of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean region comprises a huge area and no matter if the countries surrounding it have distinct cuisines, there’s always a common thread – olive oil!

The variations of Mediterranean cuisine is loved world over and to give the people of Delhi an authentic experience, ChaoBella at Crowne Plaza Okhla have come up with a delicious food festival – the Med Fest. They bring together various Mediterranean delicacies from around the region to your table. How do I know it’s delicious? Because I’ve had the pleasure of tasting the portions which evoked happiness in every bite.

Shorba for the vegetarians

The Med Fest begins with a soup – Shorba (Chorba) for the vegetarians and a chicken for the non vegetarians. I love stews so Shorba was the automatic choice. It was very light and flavoursome, and most importantly, tangy which I adore in broths. In fact, every spoonful reminded me why I hadn’t made it at home for a while. It’s so easy and hearty that I promise you, Shorbas will become part of your weekly meals if you try it.


Fattoush or a bread salad with greens is something I can gorge on everyday but it was their non vegetarian option – smoked chicken and artichoke salad that blew me away. The combination of the chicken, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, olives, onions and lettuce with seasoning and balsamic was so tasty that I was reminiscing about the flavours the next morning!

The star – chicken and artichoke salad with pine nuts

Mostly from Southern Italy, the seafood pasta was a delight. Generously topped with fish and prawns, the seafood pasta grew on you with every bite.

Seafood pasta you’d want to eat over and over again

We ordered for the Norcini, or buffalo mozzarella, sausage, mushroom and tomato pizza. It was rustic which was very appealing because I am all for thin crust and crispy bites.

Pizza anyone?

It was then time for the mains. My tenderloin was a bit dry but very tasty. The chicken was well seasoned while the fish very well cooked. The accompanying greens and shitake made it a wholesome meal.

Tenderloin and greens

Chicken with veggies

Well cooked fish with veggies

For dessert, there was a pear and almond tart and blueberry cheesecake.

A very happy me! With a lot of running involved the next day!

The Med Fest is on till March 20 so if I were you, I’d head to Crowne Plaza Okhla with not a moment to spare to gorge on simple yet tasty Mediterranean food in Delhi.

Where: ChaoBella, Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi in Okhla Phase 1
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