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How I Lost It… The Sedentary Lifestyle

“It’s high time you do something about yourself,” said my mother. “People will never believe that you were a sportswoman if you tell them that.” This was last December.

“What is wrong with this pair of jeans,” I said to myself. This was in the first week of January this year. It seemed my favourite pair of blues had a mind of it’s own and at that point of time, it didn’t want to fit me right.

Later that month, panting, I managed to get into the last metro. I had to run from the top of the stairs with a very good chance I could fall and slip thanks to the soles of the flimsy slippers. “Since when did I start to pant after a run?” was my question to myself as the metro made its way forward.

And that’s when it hit me. I was literally living in denial. And I had been living in denial for some years now. It was easier to tell myself wearing loose fitting clothes was the in-thing than to take care of myself.

The motivation was to get back my fitness level, to start with a morning routine which did not only include re-runs of Castle and Homeland.

I don’t believe in crash courses nor do I believe in taking the easy way out. I had to start from the very beginning. Since right eating consists about 90% of a good healthy system, it meant no more binge eating or late night pizza deliveries. I love cooking (as evident by my recipe posts) and thus began a healthier approach. Less oil, more of proteins and cutting out empty carbohydrates. Who said healthy eating is bland? I love that I can create new recipes just thinking outside the box. The biggest boon — eating a good healthy breakfast, which I used to skip on most days.

Who can say no this homemade shammi kebabs with stir fried veggies for a healthy supper?

Who can say no this homemade shammi kebabs with stir fried veggies for a healthy supper?

Then started morning jogs and runs. If you have been out of it for some years, it’s not fun in the beginning. Not by a long shot. Let’s just say the aches and pains gave me motivation to continue. A simple yoga and core work out (thankfully that is still strong because of millions of sit ups and push-ups behind me during my formative years) can work wonders. Just try it.

I began to feel healthier and stronger within a couple of weeks. Losing weight was never the goal but to get to a healthier, active lifestyle was. Of course that I was buying dresses two sizes smaller put a smile on my face. But the biggest smile came when my mother saw me after some months and said: “Now, you’re beginning to look like the athlete you were.”

There is still a long way to go before I can achieve the fitness level I used to have but hey, I’m getting there.

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Namaste :)

A thought which had been on my mind since… well way back… finally overcame the lethargy and inhibitions about technological advancements. It  gave way to Sharmionthetrot.

Why the name? Well, travelling is a passion. I try to seek out new places or visit old ones (one can always see it differently). So, it was only apt.

But, this blog is simply not like any other travelblog. This will showcase the colours, sights and smells via photographs, sketches, paintings and any other form which I can’t think of at this moment.

I will show you what I feel should be shared. So, welcome to my world.

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