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Review: Elation



As a friend and I enter the famed Greater Kailash (GK) M block market on a Sunday morning, the place wore a deserted look. Usually buzzing with chirpy teens, middle-aged ladies with designer bags and sellers asking you check out their wares; the market seemed sleepy, yet to wake up from slumber on a winter morning.

Finding our way to Elation seemed easy enough. It’s located near Starbucks and the entrance is from behind the market. Taking the elevator up to the second floor, Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ greeted us as we walked through the door. It’s a pretty cozy place with comfortable indoor seating and dim lighting. However, it being winter in Delhi, we chose to sit outside on the balcony. This is literally the only time one can! They also have seating on the terrace which makes it perfect in this weather.

Delicious cold coffee

Delicious cold coffee

With beer and cold coffees ordered, we buried our faces in the menu card. Elation is a synonym for happiness. Good food is always a catalyst for such emotions. The variety of food Elation offers its patrons are extensive and honestly, I enjoyed every dish we tasted.

A big bowl of Nachos topped with cheese, handmade salsa and sour cream made an entrance. The salsa delicious and sour cream perfect, the nachos would be top of the line with a bit more cheese. Cheese makes everything better!

The sweet chilly garlic fish bites were delicious. Crispy bites tossed in the sauce and served on a white plate, it made for good photographs and the taste matched up to expectations.

Chicken ham and cheese sandwich with fries

Chicken ham and cheese sandwich with fries

We ordered the chicken ham and cheese sandwich and the recommended baked chicken sandwich. While the former came accompanied by fries (always a winning combination), the latter is what I enjoyed more. The baked sandwich is filling, well seasoned and one piece is enough to gorge on for a meal.

Gorgeous baked sandwich, a must try

Gorgeous baked sandwich, a must try

The Elation Special Wrap is definitely what I’ll recommend among the starters or finger food. It’s slightly on the sweeter side but with crispy chicken and mayo generously slathered inside, I could eat it all day provided of course I consumed nothing else!

Elation wrap

The Elation wrap

With the mains taking a bit of time, the chef sent chicken lollipops to the table. They were tasty but our focus was the mains.

First up, chicken Aglio-e-olio. It’s always a crowdpleaser – spaghetti tossed in olive oil and garlic. I must say it was well seasoned and fresh off the pan and absolutely delicious. The roast chicken breasts in peri peri sauce with mash and sautéed veggies hit the right spot. Spicy and tangy, it paired well with the mash.


Spaghetti aglio-e-olio with chicken

Fish and lemon butter sauce

Fish in lemon butter sauce with mash and veggies

The last dish on the table was the grilled fish with lemon butter sauce, again accompanied by mash and veggies. I simply loved it. The sauce was not too lemony and not too buttery but just well balanced. The fish was grilled to perfection while the mash was creamy and delicious. I ate all the crunchy vegetables because it was drenched with the sauce making it delectable!

PS: For all the hookah lovers out there, Elation serves a variety of flavours. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the place!
PPS: With Christmas and New Year round the corner, check out Elation’s special offers.

Elation is located in GK 1 M Block Market, near Starbucks. Cost for one Rs 750/-
To enjoy a 20 % off on your total bill from January 1-21, 2017, please reserve a table through this link on DinerPlus 

I wrote this post in collaboration with DinerPlus. If you enjoyed what I wrote and want to try Elation, please book through the above mentioned link as I will get a small commission. As usual, I only recommend what I loved.

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