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Review: Mahou Clasica now in India

Among my friends, most I know love their malts while others prefer rum and vodka. There really aren’t that many beer drinkers. For the sake of experimentation, one might pick up a light one watching a game of football or cricket but would soon change to their own poison. But with the recent influx of beers in the Indian market, things might soon change.

For someone who likes a hearty ale, the refreshing Mahou Clasica is a surprise. It’s fruity and mild (4.8%) taste, clear and light golden colour and smooth after taste will leave even the hardcore beer-haters accepting this premium beverage. IMG_3148

The yeast is the secret ingredient which makes this lager well-loved in Spain for over a century. A family-run company, the yeast in flown in to the brewery in Rajasthan (the only one of the seven the company runs outside of Spain) where production is based. “We are here for the long run,” says Erik Eduard d’Auchamp, Mahou India CEO.

Why specifically tapping into the Indian market though? “It has great potential. Whereas the per capita consumption is most countries are about 8 litres, in India it’s about 2 litres,” Erik adds.

Apart from Clasica, the company is offering two other beers at the moment – Mahou 5 Star and Daredevil. The latter is specifically brewed keeping the Indian market in mind and is classified as semi-premium.

How to best enjoy Mahou Clasica?
In the 200ml shot glasses (cañas) along with tapas (bite-sized delicacies enjoyed in Spain along with drinks). Should be served at 3-5 degree C.

Pocket pinch: Rs 150 (650ml)
Location: The Pint Room, Vasant Vihar


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