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Australian love: The first edition

It’s been a while I know. But when your heart is set upon new adventures, you have to wait for the perfect moment, when you’re ready to put into words the new experiences.

Why do people travel? To eat? To explore? Seek a new romance? To understand a culture or just to put a check off a country from the bucket list. (Visited Vietnam. Check). Well, it’s difficult to put into words why I travel or love the prospect of visiting a new town, city, country or continent. Maybe it’s the sense of adventure which I look forward to or the fact I will get to meet so many different people. Some will stay friends while others I probably will never get to meet again. Old photographs, maybe a restaurant receipt or just a little bric-a-brac will take me back to those days. A little nostalgia, maybe a summer love? Who knows.

Food becomes a very important aspect in my travels. I crave to experience every sensation my tastebuds can take. That often leads to people around me go ‘yuck.’ And I respond, ‘Why are you travelling if you want to stay within your comfort zone?’

My first tryst with Sydney came last summer. I had a two-hour layover before I flew out to Noumea. As my flight from Singapore flew near the Opera House before heading to the airport, I fell in love. The view, the structure seemed spectacular in the morning sun and I vowed to be back. Luckily, this summer I had the chance to visit Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Without a second thought I made a quick detour!

Not all fun, work too

It may have been a working holiday but six days in Australia didn’t prove enough. From Brisbane to reach the Sunshine Coast takes little more than an hour by road. (It’s easier and cheaper to drive down rather than fly domestic). David and Pammy were the best hosts one could possibly wish for. If you ever get the chance, go Down Under. The roads are spectacular and the people couldn’t be more lovelier. Eager to know about Indian culture and food, I even came across this young woman who has trekked to Ladakh. “I can’t wait to go back,” she said. That made me plan my next vacation!

The long stretches of white sand, the clear blue waves and the food. Oh how I miss the days. Work took me to the forests of Imbil and quaint little towns I never would have seen otherwise. David and Pammy were eager to share their adventures and soon discovered they loved Indian food! And once we got talking, there was no stopping as empty beer bottles started stacking up!

Staying at Caloundra (once a popular beach town picnic spot), I came cross a gentleman from Chandigarh running an Indian curry place. “They don’t like it hot much,” he rued. But get him started about current affairs back home, and he rambled. I think my beef masala fry got cold before I could leave for my apartment!

My four days in the Sunshine coast had me having my fill of medium rare Eye fillets (Mooo Char and Bar owned by former halfback Allan Langer is a must-visit) , octopus salads with feta, prawns (dipped in a seafood sauce and accompanied by a glass of Merlot) and of course hearty Sunday breakfasts (which will not have you eating another morsel of food for the rest of the day).

As I bid adieu to Queensland before heading to New South Wales, I felt I had made friends whom I want to visit again or host back home. I already miss the adventures on the road and the warmth of friends – I hope to be back soon.

Some sights and tastes of the Sunshine Coast…











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